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The Flying Hasslehoffs Life Is Beautiful


Florida songwriting duo The Flying Hasslehoffs promise warmth and distortion in impressively equal parts, for their latest celebration of love and oneness.

Noting lyrics that read like a poem yet rain down with the pace and grit of pop-punk, Life is Beautiful hits as if a nostalgic pop-rock anthem from a simpler era – only with a welcomed edge of literary reflection that really raises the bar. The song features acoustic and electric guitars side by side, with raspy, passionate vocals at the forefront, and long-form verse melodies that build up the anticipation and energy as we ride towards the resolve of the hook.

An ear-worm of subtlety and style, with a chaotic but aptly celebratory guitar solo during the final third, Life Is Beautiful will no doubt leave its tune and sentiment lingering once the music has ended, and will prove easily recognizable once it’s crossed your path even once.

Designed to be both personal and accessible, the ‘our-song’ from a more exciting, high-octane realm, Life Is Beautiful more than delivers on the implications of its title, and introduces The Flying Hasslehoffs in a way that naturally connects.

As you continue to delve in, the remastered album Music Brand lays down more of the same energy, precision and heart, whilst showcasing an engaging level of instrumental creativity in everything from solos to the very structure of each piece.

Download Life Is Beautiful via Bandcamp.

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