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The Flo I’m Me / High On Life


Introducing a fresh set of singles that lay bare a soulful yet contemporary approach to hip hop and pop, The Flo impresses with stylish, organic musicality, production and lyricism alike throughout this new collection.

High On Life is an easy stand-out, blending simple good vibes from piano and rhythm, with equal parts melody and rap, and more than a few dashes of colour and optimism for a summer-time ready, hopeful pop-RnB kind of vibe.

Structurally the song makes fine use of its layers and progression, always resolving back to that chorus in a subtle, non-intrusive yet still catchy manner.

Offering a slight change in direction is the single I’m Me, a harder hitting rap track with a level of emotive, late-night darkness and personal truth that pours through bar after bar as The Flo lays bare the details of his own unique journey. Subtlety reigns again, but this keeps your focus on the words, the changing flow and clarity of the vocal – both of which tip their hats back to the classic hip hop releases of the nineties and early noughties.

Furthering the connection between listener and artist is the single Southern Hospitality (Remastered) – a story-teller at work again, a musically simple yet satisfying progression, with an easy-going, memorable hook to resolve.

And just to inject further versatility into his catalogue of originals, Daydreamin’ takes melody and colour to even greater plains, offering a beautifully immersive, delicate hit, which stays true to the implications of its title in a gorgeously emotive way. Great contrast between delicate melodies and harder-hitting rap verses helps really let a track like this hit with impact.

The Flo impresses on all counts with these eclectic yet clearly true to his character releases. Undoubtedly an artist worth looking out for as 2021 pours through.

Download all music from January 13th via Apple. Check out The Flo on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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