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The Fireflys This House Is Ours


The Fireflys aim high but humble with this latest song, and it’s a beauty. This House Is Ours feels like it’s in a league of its own – there’s a natural warmth to the sound, as is the way of the band (this gentle folk-meets-Americana aura), but at its core is the writing. The development of the idea, the scene-setting, the melody and the build up – everything just works in a manner that wins your affection from the offset, and continues to shine all the more brightly as things move along.

The Fireflys as a band take what are essentially some classic or nostalgic musical building blocks and run free with them along their own creative pathways. Since the release of Runaway, they’ve held close to this thing that is theirs, so you begin to recognise their approach in ways that aren’t all that common. It’s not a certain sound or tone or voice that gives their music that recognisable aura, it’s something about the writing and the overall presentation – it stands out well right now, particularly among the UK’s organic music community.

This House Is Ours is a beautiful song with a really wonderful string of lyrics and a subtle but uplifting hook – one that you tend to miss when the song comes to an end. It’s an ear-worm of a release but in a non-intrusive fashion – those four hook notes, even the verse melody, plus the honest sound of the singer’s voice and the chords that accompany it – you’ll find yourself humming this one for quite some time after listening.

It feels like a song to bring people together, the gentle bounce of the soundscape draws you over, and that inherently genuine level of passion and care makes you appreciate the experience even more so. The song itself promotes appreciation in a glorious way and this too adds to the heartfelt vibe of the whole moment. Stunning work, a pleasure to add to the playlist.

This House Is Ours is a single from the band’s upcoming 5th album Only Us, Northern Lights, expected early 2019. Stream the song on Spotify. Find & follow the band on Facebook & Twitter.

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