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The Family Wash Dirty Laundry


Mighty songwriting and musicianship elevates the country-rock and pop stylings of this brand new album from The Family Wash.

Named after a renowned Nashville bar and restaurant that sadly closed down, The Family Wash promise equal parts nostalgia and freshness in their approach to making music.

David Nixon drives the project with songwriting and production indicative of an extensive devotion to the craft. We begin with the pop-rock pace and warmth of a catchy and heartfelt I’ll Bring The Stars To You, complete with its cascading riffs and second vocal part for dynamic, and quickly the nostalgia of the style comforts.

Despite the upbeat opener, however, The Family Wash soon underline a crucial versatility. The switch to a poetic, acoustic and deeply reflective The Tide draws the listener in closely, for a country-folk tone that naturally gets the mind wandering through memories unique to the self.

Brought to life by a full-band of featured musicians, including vocalists Paul Dunbar and Naomi Campbell, Dirty Laundry stands tall on the strength of both its songwriting and the faultless performances supporting that. The likes of a sultry and bass-led Well Obviously! connect with ease for these reasons, along with the band’s self-named song The Family Wash – with a likable fusion of bass, piano and dramatic rhythms, for a bluesy to Gypsy Jazz-esque change in vibe.

Other highlights from the 11-track collection include the timeless country rock anthem I Don’t Want To Dance, and the subsequent and equally pristine vocal depth of Catch Of The Day. In stark contrast, the gentle dynamic of an intimate I’ll See You In Jackson proves well-placed for emotive impact.

By all accounts, this album seems to gather increasing momentum as it progresses – another favourite being Behind The Smile, injecting a soul-rock swagger and satisfaction that again does well to grip the listener and uplift the mood of the room. The evolving and looping passion is quite addictive here, and a pleasure to listen to at volume.

Later the female lead of Your Other Face brings an evocative rasp and optimism that reignites the good vibes and colourful pop-rock energy from the start of the journey. From The Crowd follows on with a fine balance of intimate sentiments and an arena-ready build-up throughout the latter half; a great way to close down a timelessly impressive album.

Storytelling that blends observations with personal reflections make up the bulk of Dirty Laundry, promising an aptly-titled project, which does indeed air an array of tales both relatable and deeply personal.

Album out May 25th – Pre-order here. Find The Family Wash Band on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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