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The Empty Pockets The Grind (Tanglewoods)


The Empty Pockets’ latest album Tanglewoods is one that offers the organic embrace of classic Americana – alongside of some beautifully refreshing and uplifting songwriting, and a gorgeously entrancing set of vocals.

The Grind kicks the project off and is all of this and more. The song evolves slowly but surely, increasing in musical brightness and weight just enough so as to engage and involve the listener. At the same time, these lyrics fascinate – they satisfy and feel familiar on the one hand, this sort of story-telling is well-suited to the genre and style, but the details and the manner in which they’re performed is undoubtedly of a new and subsequently appealing aura. The vocal dynamic that comes into play later on helps see things get better and better – what begins as a good song, soon grows to become a great one; and the rest of the album continues to impress in a similar fashion.

The Grind is a great song, intentional and clear-cut in its purpose – fresh yet easy to connect with and relate to. The song is fun, performed with passion and a sincere love for the art-form, mildly theatrical and entertaining in every way possible – yet at the same time, still firmly and authentically rooted in that raw, real and hypnotic Americana sound that is so very easy to get on-board with.

The more I hear from this band, the more of a fan I become. A live show is undoubtedly the next step – something The Empty Pockets are likely to excel at.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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