The Empeccable Hermès Trismegistus (EHT) - I Gotcha (Ft. 4t4) {Tiernie Lynn} - Stereo Stickman

The Empeccable Hermès Trismegistus (EHT) I Gotcha (Ft. 4t4) {Tiernie Lynn}


I’m a big fan of this track from EHT and it’s one that seems to get better with every listen. Fusing a soulful and rather vintage melody-line with an ambient, lightly uplifting beat, and a classic rap flow that offers subtle yet energizing confidence – I Gotcha has the makings of a hit that could easily stand the test of time.

Musically the single brings an arena of synths that seem quite far removed from mainstream hip hop. This is delicate, as are the riffs that rain down elsewhere, but it gives the soundscape a definite thread of character. The hook melody feels like a long-lost RnB classic, though the manipulated vocals add an unexpected element and actually work well to draw your interest from afar. Singer 4t4 puts in a flawless and confident performance that helps give this aspect of the song a real touch of authenticity and skill. Things kick off with this moment and there’s a slight crackle to the sound that makes it feel genuinely rooted in yesteryear.

Pretty soon after this, the rap vocal comes into play, and the game is changed entirely. Once you’ve heard and connected with that leading voice, upfront and personal, the hook hits with all the more impact – a great use of melody, catchy and easily recognisable once you’ve made contact with it.

The rap vocal ties everything together in a stylish and smart way. You get to know the artist and so rather than this being a simple hit, it’s a bold introduction to a creative who hopefully has plenty more music in the pipeline.

The second verse sees things get really interesting – detailed and captivating for its fresh story-telling and the personal touch combined. You pay attention because it sounds new and also because it sounds genuine, like there’s value in what’s being said. The third verse furthers this even more-so and builds upon that inherent sense of inspiration that the track in full seems to present. As suggested, it gets better as it rolls along and then again some with each revisit. A recurring joy to have pop up in the playlist.

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