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The Don Kap Cannot Listen (Fake Friend Diss)


The Don Kap has written and recorded an absolute jam with this latest release. Cannot Listen is quick to uplift the listener with a simple yet effective melody-line and a hook that rhythmically entrances from the offset. That intro is perfect in this setting, making sure to utilize the simple strength of a well-crafted and mildly relatable tune to win an audience’s affection.

Following those opening moments, the track offers a fairly spacious beat and a mild sense of darkness on the whole. The verses deal with the details – the fakes, what happened, what the intention is. These near-whispered moments feel like a diary entry of some sort – free-flowing, spontaneous, intimate; believable.

Short lines impress with quirky wordplay and again simple rhymes that blend in well with the mood of the track. The Don Kap doesn’t overdo anything – the music and the performance offer a humble swagger that suits the underlying sentiment well. There’s a sense of fun on occasion, rhyming just to rhyme, but again it fits in with the laid-back confidence and bounce of the music. It also introduces the artist and rapper in a fairly memorable way – not least of all as someone who knows how to write a great hook.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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