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The Daisy Heaves Ilona and Alice


We’ve a whole lot of exciting new music to check out as 2016 takes shape, so we’ll start as we mean to go on; a genuinely unique and compelling two-track release from Chicago based four piece band The Daisy Heaves. The songs are Ilona and Alice. Here’s what we liked about them.

It was a real delight to hear the quiet explosion that takes place in the music of The Daisy Heaves. Impossible to tell which direction it’s going at any given time; that wonderful element of unknown, that genuinely new feeling. In the song Ilona, the chorus of vocals, the consistent crash of the drums, the intensity of the guitars and synth like ambience – even when you start to feel what it’s all about, everything drops away very suddenly, and once again to the absolute minimal – just before it ends. Never boring, and superbly performed, it has to be said – a really interesting way to craft and create a song.

The same is true of the track Alice, in fact; a slight hint of classic and experimental rock influence is temporarily suggested, but melodically, instrumentally, structurally – this is a band not even remotely afraid to take the road less traveled by, and the results are genuinely refreshing and entertaining to listen to. Alice has a brilliant backing track when it kicks in, melodically, the riffs, the hints of electronica amidst the clear, rock-like reality of the band, the build and the drop, again, really well executed.

It’s never what you expect, and that’s what’s great about it. It surrounds you and takes you somewhere new, and then it completely redirects you when you least expect it, but not to the point of losing you. I actually felt like I didn’t want to miss a moment. Alice is a track worth taking home. When you listen a few times in a row, it suddenly makes perfect sense, and it affects you, hopefully, much more than most of the songs you’ll hear lately.

Head over to Soundcloud to listen to the tracks, and keep up to date with The Daisy Heaves on Facebook and Twitter. You can also take home your own copy of their music via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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