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The Conqueror Root In Front Of Your TV


Storytelling at its most detailed yet somehow still feeling inherently directed at you, me, and all of us – In Front Of Your TV is a brilliantly addictive blues-rock track with a clear edge of identity and intention.

Featuring superb riff work from the outset, and easily recognisable vocals that bring a little genuine rock and punk into the process, the song introduces the musicality and angst-driven creative reach of The Conqueror Root in a powerful, quirky and memorable way.

Far from family-friendly but purposeful in its grit, honesty and outcry, the song makes fine use of contrast between the breathy personality of the verses and the outright passion and power of the hook.

The middle-8 also comes in at just the right time, a fall-away strips things back before the rise up and hypnotic repeat makes for an anthem-ready moment that begs you to witness it in a live setting. But instead…

‘You just sit there fucked up in front of your TV’

Great song-writing, somewhat timeless in its blending of pop and rock sensibilities. I’m reminded slightly of the likes of You Get What You Give or Drinking in LA – not in melody or set up not at all; just in that unique sense of character you get with songs like this that emerge once in a blue moon.

A decidedly poignant yet infectious, energising new single. Well worth a listen at volume.

Download via Apple or Amazon. Check out The Conqueror Root on Instagram or visit their website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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