The Boatpeople - The RVNT (Feat. BKNY SAX) - Stereo Stickman

The Boatpeople The RVNT (Feat. BKNY SAX)


Introducing a freshly released debut single from the brand new upcoming album THE SOUND OF BOATPEOPLE, The RVNT proves a dreamy, euphoric and blissful immersive dance-pop realm of supreme audio escapism.

Finely crafted, from every layer of intricacy to the warped yet engaging soul of the vocal and sax fragments, the track plays out with cinematic detail and warmth.

The accompanying visuals help really take your mind somewhere else, but the track alone is just stunning in and of itself. There’s a certain quietness to some moments, a level of rising anticipation that’s impossible to ignore. Then the beat drops in, refreshing and original in its chime and separation, and it lights up the room.

A little M83-like in riff and recognisability, but ultimately a genre away and unique in its creative freedom and clear, melodic passion and beauty.

Sensational to experience at volume, through high-quality headphones or speakers. Crisp, captivating, calming and hypnotic. An easy highlight from the summer so far.

Download or stream the single here. Check out Big Bada Boum Music on Facebook & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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