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The Boatpeople Just Like Me (Feat. SaeL & BKNY)


Another beauty from an ever-eclectic The Boatpeople, a collaborative remix laying bare soulful sax intricacies and tribal rhythms for a crisp, clean and uplifting musicality.

The organic strengths shine brightly, BKNY meandering through softly passionate solo riffs as the rhythm strikes up a lightness in energy that inspires you to move.

Meanwhile, Brankmann takes stylish command of the soundscape – a producer known as the magician, aptly working his magic with unique layers of rhythm, detail and fitting energy to really elevate the whole release.

Throughout the mix we get fragments of voice, French singer SAEL (Sarah) adding softness and personality, dance-inspired in the manner of mixing but ultimately melodic and pop-like enough to connect in a memorable way for a broader audience.

Then there’s the concept, the lyrical ideas that reach out amidst the brightness and optimism of the music. It’s all subtle but likable, nearly Daft Punk-esque in set-up and hook, but far less electronically soaked, even as a remix.

Dashes of funk and EDM sound-play light up the outer edges, and indeed the latter half. Meanwhile the sax keeps things seductive, interesting and fresh – along with that uniquely recognisable beat that maintains a clear identity throughout. We’re even gifted a congas moment performed by a 12 year old La JOJO.

What’s not to love? Summer-ready and waiting for you to turn up the volume.

Both recent singles from The Boatpeople arrive freshly released from the brand new upcoming album – a six-track playlist that celebrates music, creative freedom, performance and good vibes in a bold and beautifully immersive fashion.

Versatility stands tall, the industrial flavours of Civil War reaching out for their spacious and unexpected poignancy. The absolute power and pace of Wine On Me injects clear shock factor afterwards for its dubstep intensity and weight.

Their sound has character, it’s easy to pinpoint, and it draws upon only the very best elements of organic musicianship for a truly engaging, invigorating listening experience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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