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The Big Mackoofy Birds


Rhythmic electric guitar licks, mellow vocals, tribal rhythms and soulful layers of expression – The Big Mackoofy rides the beat with presence and style, for the uplifting and thoughtful single Birds.

Standing tall initially on the strength of its groove, Birds is quick to weave in conceptually provocative references that get you thinking more deeply as the music engages and calms.

The production rises by way of subtle, intricate details both organic and electronic, an approach self-defined by The Big Mackoofy as inspired by 70’s African Psychedelia. In reality though, the style or genre tags prove second in line to the overall energy and pleasure derived from listening.

Coming in at a fairly perfect three minutes and four seconds, Birds feels like a retro alternative hit that could either be from the dawn of soul rock and blues, or the more contemporary trip hop days of Morcheeba and Fatboy Slim. It’s quirky but in a subtle and likable fashion – letting the music appear as if it was created purely for the listener’s own escapism.

Lyrically we move from ‘no man gets what he deserves’ to the hypnotic and memorable repeat of ‘fly with them birds’. It’s a soulful resolve, a fragment of a voice that simultaneously gifts a sense of quiet confidence or effortless leadership in the performance realm. Whispers of ideas and honest reflections of a man, surrounded by optimistic guitars, rhythms and voices, all the while enchanted by the simple movement and rising hopefulness of the track’s intentions and evolving presence.

Beautifully crafted, in short, a refreshingly humble but creatively faultless arrangement, which provides the rare quality of being music rightfully designed as a blessing – not merely an artist’s opportunity to showcase himself. It’s poetic, vague but accessible, and quickly intoxicating. I’m a fan.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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