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The Band Kris Red Flags


Retro electro-pop and soulfully smooth vocals lead us through a poetically interestingly story-line for this release from The Band Kris.

Red Flags has a fairly nostalgic arrangement, the pop production layers of yesteryear, as well as a vocal style from both singers that tips its hat towards the pop bands of the nineties. There’s also, however, a mildly organic touch alongside all of this, subtly inciting interest in the live show.

From a song-writing perspective, Red Flags is incredibly relatable, angsty and up front, unapologetic in its resentment. The topic is accessible, but presented in a genuinely new way. This writing style, the duo’s openness, and their vocal sounds united, are what give The Band Kris such a strong style of their own.

Red Flags as a single is powerful, lyrically gritty with a melody and rhyme-scheme that resolve in a satisfying, refreshing way. Really well done, a pleasure to stumble upon.

“He adored me, before he completely destroyed me.”

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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