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The ATif Valentine, Serpentine, Frankenstein


The ATif storm back onto the scene this Valentines Day with a song that offers the pure creative colour and genre fusions of an absolutely free and passionate band.

Valentine, Serpentine, Frankenstein¬†is something of a grower – more entertaining with every few moments, better still with every re-visit to the song in full. Those opening moments lay out the indie-rock energy that classic fans of distorted soundscapes will be drawn to, and that hook is so unexpectedly bizarre yet unavoidably satisfying at the very same time. It’s easy to go from questioning the whole experience to embracing it entirely within a few short minutes, thanks to The ATif’s genuinely laid-back and fascinating yet musically immersive way with songwriting and performance.

Everything from the uniquely conceptual take on a world-famous holiday, to the switch from rock and roll to rap during those verses, to the apparent changes in pace and fullness as the journey progresses – all of this leans heavily in the direction of a song that undeniably makes up its own rules. Very few, if any, comparisons come to mind as the track plays out. Genuine originality is tricky to achieve, and it’s trickier still to achieve it whilst also offering up something that works and that has those infectious pop qualities that keep an audience interested.

Whether this is what you’d call your cup of tea or not, there’s something to be appreciated in the set-up and the energy with which the band have captured the whole thing. Whether you’re a classic rock and roll fan, or someone who’s more commonly drawn to vintage hip hop – even if you fall nowhere near either option in fact – there’s something about this song that will, at the very least, make you want to hear it through to the end. The accompanying video helps it captivate all the more effectively.

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