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The ATif Prickly Heat


The ATif bring about a creative take on alternative indie pop with this latest single Prickly Heat. From the offset you get a strong sense of character from the band, the leading voice and indeed the instrumental set-up and production style all offer something that enjoyably fuses various styles and genres in a subtle but effective way. As the song progresses though, the experience becomes less about the band’s sound and more about their songwriting.

This particular release offers both great melodies and a great riffs, not to mention an addictive level of energy that gradually increases throughout. The latter half sees passion take the wheel entirely – the melody reaches a new peak, the vocals and the musicianship all meet the bar perfectly well, and the moment evolves into genuine rock intensity; rightfully uplifting its audience.

Every time this track appears within the playlist something new stands out and appeals. The intro presents so much in the way of colourful, hopeful riffs and irreplaceable personality. There’s really very little to compare this with right now, the band just do their own thing – and it works.

From a songwriting perspective this track hits in a wonderful way, becoming more and more of a go-to moment than a simple release you scroll by. The various stages of the song each seem to surprise and yet satisfy, suggesting there is hope for the future of songwriting and that there is undoubtedly plenty of creativity left to emerge as 2019 peaks its head around the corner.

Prickly Heat grows to be something of a huge indie-rock hit, complete with a smooth and skillful guitar solo. It’s an easy release to enjoy and I look forward to hearing more from The ATif.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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