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The Amphibians The Fall Of Rome


Acoustic and electric guitars unite for the emotive rise up into melodic and conceptual appeal, as The Amphibians launch their timeless new single The Fall Of Rome.

Freshly released from the album A World Of Intentions, the very set-up of The Fall Of Rome tips its hat towards the softer rock hits of a simpler era. The story also seems to appear both thoughtfully personal and more vaguely poetic and relevant; inviting interest for its implications and emotional honesty in equal parts.

Featuring near-spoken-style verses intermittently with meandering, live-style melodies, the performance offers a clear hint of Bob Dylan influence in vocal tone and delivery, yet backs this with an Americana-esque presence of guitars, bass and drums.

The resulting piece has both a big-band vibe and a softer, reflective and intimate aura – meaning it can quite easily be the arena anthem of crowd unity and power, or the contemplative go-to during a sleepless night.

It’s a clever line to walk, and it introduces the John Mulkins virtual band of The Amphibians in a memorable way.

Visit The Amphibians’ Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

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