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The Alessi Brothers Eden Roc


Heartfelt, inclusive lyrics and retro production meets with acoustic stylings of intimate, warming origins, throughout the sound of The Alessi Brothers’ new project Eden Roc.

As an introduction, the song There’s a Chance leads with reverb-soaked, doubled vocals, rising up with pop-rock sentiments throughout a nostalgic arena of rhythm and instrumentation.

Incorporating twangs of country and a vastly accessible subject matter, the opening line resounds and connects the dots throughout – ‘There’s a chance… we’re getting back our world’.

While relatable and relevant, there’s a clear edge of recognisable style to the way The Alessi Brothers arrange and produce their tracks. The songwriting works well, it feels familiar, uplifting, inciting a sense of possibility.

Then we get the build, the character, the suddenness of the energy and completing guitar solo later on. That optimism grows and grows, proving all the more enjoyable as the soundscape increasingly embraces the listener.

Switching gears slightly as a further example of their style is I’m In Love. Immediately upbeat, lighter hearted and confident in its rock and roll celebration of love. Still though, that voice is unmistakable, and the full arrangement rises and envelops its audience with a similar fusion of genres and organic and electronic traits.

Eden Roc is set to be nostalgic, sure, but refreshingly authentic, too – The Alessi Brothers keep things close to the heart, and simultaneously pay tribute to the legendary organic music of times past.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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