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the 9th Earl Crawlin’ off the Deep End


Crisp guitar work and boldly atmospheric sound-design back up this contemplative deep-dive into the journey towards a musical life. The 9th Earl take listeners through a psychedelic realm of contemporary musings, with Crawlin’ Off the Deep End.

Stylistically and even visually retro, tipping its hat to the creative rock outfits of yesteryear, the release features a refreshing melodic build-up, which progresses from a mellow and reflective rise and fall verse, towards a fully passionate hook. Within this, we’re gifted a poetic and personal, revealing take, on the ups and downs of musical career paths.

It’s a relatable topic, and while the details may have changed over time, the building blocks and emotions remain very much the same. The 9th Earl tackle it with poetic imagery and a sort of misleading nonchalance that prompts you to listen a little more closely. Which works well, given that the sound emerges drenched in reverb – the psychedelic vibe, the impressive guitar, bass and drums arrangement, and the melodic embrace, all pave the way more notably than the lyrics at first. Once you’re involved though, allured by the immersive escapism, the words pierce through with increasing presence. And, in my opinion, this is where the 9th Earl really shine.

Crawlin’ Off the Deep End delivers a metaphorical poem of sorts, not detailed but vague and beautiful in its apparent simplicity yet complex undertones combined. Even amidst the complexity though, lines resound and connect across the history of music, reaching out to artists and composers past and present; ‘It’s all uphill I know… Nothing worth having came easy’

The concept echoes through the mind, along with that naturally catchy, descending riff. But even the riff is subtle – the band have a certain humility about their approach, and the whole thing is enchanting in its completed setting; giving off the impression that a live show would be where things would really come alive.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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