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Thats Nokay Fantasies


Vastly atmospheric yet organic by design, Thats Nokay follow-ups the dreamy introduction that was LivForev, with an equally ethereal, live-style electric-guitar hit of soulful yet mellow calm.

Reaching the one-minute mark on purely the shoulder-swaying embrace of this guitar-led yet ambient, almost psychedelic arrangement, Fantasies captivates and sets the mood all at once – bringing the fast-pace of the outside world to an apparent pause, as we stop and vibe to the music.

After this, reverb-drenched vocals appear as if from a higher realm, distant and unclear, but passionate and aptly soulful in their progression through a now increasingly uplifting and near-euphoric soundscape.

Featuring the unique meeting of freestyle electric guitar-play and the impressively detailed, multi-layered complexity of electronic production, Fantasies rightfully prompts the mind to wander – the body calms and imagination takes the reins. Here we find ourselves again, by way of a track that feels like a personal understanding or connection crafted purely for the individual hearing it.

Thats Nokay consistently unites nostalgic flavours with contemporary freedoms. The result is often to always music that refreshes, draws you in and creates an instrumental wave of binaural-style serenity – whilst delivering that live-guitar and vocal element, for a level of humanity, heart and indeed skill, to subtly guide things along.

Download Fantasies via Bandcamp or stream it here. Check out Thats Nokay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok & YouTube. Header photo by Jake Hanson.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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