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That Kid Roy Watch Me (Prod. by Cxdy)


The first thing to strike about That Kid Roy’s music is the sheer clarity and speed of his leading vocal delivery. In an arena loaded with mumble-rap and uninteresting repetition, his voice stands tall among its peers. This track Watch Me breathes life into that idea in a big way.

Watch Me feels from the offset like a classic hip hop track – heavy and intense, dark and confident, motivational. You can escape into the beat and then on top of this you get the leading artist and his unwavering skill and self-belief. The track deals with the latter of these consistently, highlighting self-empowerment and that confident aura of possibility in everything from the lyrics to the detectable passion to the overall weight of the beat.

The soundscape starts off with a delicately sci-fi like ambiance, then the drum-line emerges, equally light at first, the leading vocal also seems distant and whispered in those opening bars. Things quickly pick up, the energy emerges, Roy’s voice has a sharpness to it that makes certain you hear every word and every line – that you know who he is and what he’s about.

When the verse hits is when things really fall into their own realm of ability. The flow and the wordplay during the opening verse is incredibly impressive. It’s easy to listen a few times over to feel like you can follow the rhythm and pace of it whenever it reappears – as we often do, obsess over truly skillful hip hop. Then you make your way back to that hook, this sense of going against the grain, using the negativity or lack of belief from others to drive you to win – it seeks to inspire and it pours through in a believable way. The Gary Vee reference adds to this as all who follow his ways and his words of advice tend to dream big and actually put in the actions required to reach those dreams. Big things are likely to lie ahead for That Kid Roy. I look forward to the longer project.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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