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Thamatic After School


Thamatic’s latest release is one that effectively fuses the dreamlike ambiance of EDM with a characterful, slightly punk-pop-like leading vocal, and a strength of songwriting that works well to engage and prove recognisable after even a single listen.

After School¬†is a track Thamatic have described as their strangest yet. While there’s a clear dance vibe to the soundscape and the rhythm and pace of the track, it still manages to pour through with a certain emotional softness – the vocal melody and the lyricism help paint a series of poetic and thoughtful scenes, which distract a little from the sheer energy of the music. At the same time, there’s a calming yet awakening aura to the instrumental set-up, and the further along you get, the more this gathers momentum and begins to envelop you. Meanwhile, the vocals continue to emerge, offering fragments of ideas that provoke thought and draw you further in to the centre of the experience.

Production-wise this almost seems like two compositions at once, the instrumental version would work well in itself as cinematic escapism. With the vocal melody and story-line though – the song becomes something else entirely. It feels a little electronic rock-like thanks to that level of personality in the voice.

Thamatic have crafted this one with careful attention to detail, and this shows on multiple levels throughout the release. The track grows to become more enjoyable with every few seconds that pass – and indeed with each revisit. Retro elements fuse with those that feel decidedly fresh and uplifting to offer a memorable and quite striking audio journey. Now is a fine time to get on-board with all that is Thamatic.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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