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Texas Cut Throat Depleted Self


While the opening moments of Depleted Self offer a mildly familiar hard-rock aura – the distorted power-chords and the quickness and space with which they are presented – the track goes on to include less recognisable elements that feel a little more punk-rock than anything else; as well as being notably anthem-like in nature.

The instrumental moments lead with darkness and weight – intensity draws you in, and those who revel in this kind of soundscape will likely reach straight for the volume and turn things up high. Following this though, Texas Cut Throat introduce a selection of lyrics – somewhat minimal, easily memorable in terms of their rhythm within the music, and with this comes that defiant moment that is the song’s hook.

Depleted Self is as hard-hitting as they come, but there’s also a clear air of musical knowledge about it – there’s a songwriting process behind it, which has worked all at once with creativity, passion, and an understanding of what connects and what compels an audience. The various sections of the track become more and more satisfying with each new lap around the circuit – that roar works in unison with that hint of melody, and the instrumentation works perfectly too in supporting and enhancing the natural emotional progression of the journey.

Texas Cut Throat create for a reason, this is an expression of a particular sentiment, and the way they’ve put it together quite literally screams both depth and professionalism. A quickly recognizable track and the sort that hard-rock and metal fans will likely have been craving for quite some time.

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