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Terminal 101 Walk with Me


Inspired by introspective contemplation during times of difficulty, producer and artist Terminal 101 crafts deeply moving, euphoric soundscapes, the likes of which connect for their melodic embrace as much so as the clear humanity of their make up.

Building up beautifully throughout three minutes and forty eight seconds, Walk With Me marks a fine example of the skilful synth-play and emotional connection that Terminal 101 pours into his music.

The composition rises up from ambient, colourful beginnings, through a clear sense of evolving anticipation and simple positivity.

In short, the good vibes stand tall, and the subtle implication of the title – this idea of Walk With Me – effectively adds a degree of oneness and community, furthering the warmth of the whole thing and ultimately prompting interest in the dance scene; where fans can feel the optimism of the moment together.

The concept of walking with someone is powerful – Walk With Me through turmoil, mental health struggles, and whatever else life throws out. This single underlines those qualities well, and highlights a clearly skilled producer with a fine ear for detail and melody combined.

Look out for the upcoming EP in April. Check out Terminal 101 on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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