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‘Techno From The Trenches’ Ukrainian DJ & Producer DETCOM Continues to Fight for His Country


Having risen up through the ranks as an independent Techno and electronic music DJ and producer celebrated by the underground dance realm, Ukrainian artist Detcom has now been fighting to protect his country for over two years, and all the while his music continues to make waves.

Once immersed in all things music and the electronic dance scene at large, Detcom is a musician, DJ, producer, event organiser and social activist with an extensive repertoire to his name – and a strong line of connections appreciative of his work.

The devastation of the invasion of and persisting war in Ukraine has torn apart the lives of so many, and continues to do so – though media coverage across the world seems to have moved on from reporting much of the truth. Daniel Detcom, a soldier of Ukraine’s Defence Forces, remains standing and strong in honour of his country, and at the same time continues to make new music and even play live shows; when the opportunity arises.

From his catalogue of original mixes, The Invasion marks a bold and engaging example of the power of finely-crafted Techno – an enchanting loop of rhythm and tribal tones, panning and fading as per the escapism of the rave.

Detcom’s approach is clearly one of knowledge and passion combined – a skilful producer with an unrelenting love for the togetherness and embrace of electronic dance music. No surprise then, that his following and streams exceed the tens of thousands.

Also categorically worth delving into is the iconic, atmospheric and intensely hypnotic The Infinite Crisis (#StandWithUkraine)a phenomenal soundscape, industrial and dark, cinematic and mighty, from a fundraising album that’s absolutely worth the time it takes to explore.

Noting performances at the likes of the infamous Boiler Room, Detcom is a name the hardcore rave and dance fans are likely to recognise from year’s past. Though his journey has been brutally interrupted, just like so many others, his ability and prominence continue to shine.

With hope, there should be plenty more new compositions and events to check out and connect with Detcom through in the coming months and years.

Find Detcom on Bandcamp, Soundcloud & Instagram.

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