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tda Meetch meetchieSzn


Heavy bass and juxtaposed layers of dreamy design introduce a passionate yet modern vocal mix, as tda Meetch kicks off his extensive new album meetchieSzn.

Seventeen tracks in full, though with the majority of these barely stretching past the two-minute mark, meetchieSzn delivers a clean set of ambiances and vocal versatility that unite for an easy hit of escapism.

Catchy aspects of the opener alternate from the otherwise freestyle outpourings of the rapper and artist, as the intricacies of this topic and story come to light.

Things continue in this way, uninhibited by expectation but rooted in the modern production realm with these trap rhythms and vocal effects. Back Around is equally unpredictable on the vocal front, genuinely feeling like an improvisation but making sure to ground things with regular returns. The soundscape is haunting, almost siren-like in its gentle intensity.

Highlights include the lyrical sharpness, smooth flow and organic, acoustic embrace of Uppa Lvl, and the high-octane and soulful contrasting intensity of Time and Time Again. The depths of Dead Friends is also a crucial part of the journey, shedding light on a notably reflective side of the tda Meetch identity.

Check out meetchieSzn. Find tda Meetch on Facebook, Apple Music, Twitter & Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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