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TB2Project Captain Zero


Introducing a post-six-minute epic from composer duo TB2Project, Captain Zero is part two of four – a poetic and melodic journey through a story of power and ‘false success’.

Featuring classic pop-rock vocals of an expressive and somewhat Bowie-esque nature, alongside multiple layers of synths for both a bassy and lighter feel united, Captain Zero wins attention for its scene-setting and detailing as the lyrics emerge amidst an initially simple, rhythmic backdrop.

Soon enough, the composition evolves stylistically to subtly represent the rising passion of the story-line. There are creative pauses for emphasis, to draw you back in, and subsequently warped melodic solos that create an unsettling air of reflection. All of which works in favour of intrigue – the appeal of the former section, and those yet to come.

With a strong focus on writing and audience connection from a mildly theatrical, lyrically unusual perspective, TB2PRoject is a fascinating new artistic venture. The act brings together composers and performers Ole Johan Samdal, who features on lyrics, music, chords and keyboard, and Alf Samson Jossang, who provides music, melody and vocals.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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