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TazForte Not Sorry (EP)


Taking the rap sounds of today but throwing in some eclectic beats and infectious hints of melody, TazForte’s new EP Not Sorry is a lightly conceptual journey through the mind of the artist; featuring a subtle fusion of hip hop and RnB.

Pack Sing Loud Like Mariah starts things up and is every bit the anthem you’d expect. Not a heavy track, but melodically entrancing, with a colorful soundscape that loops around hypnotically. Already TazForte’s tone of voice has a definite thread of character to it that’s easy to recognize.

Entrepreneur follows and immediately injects a darker, later night vibe. Lower vocal depths furthers this intensity, and the whole thing feels far more driven and intentional – rightfully on point in terms of the implications of the title. You get a hit of motivation from the track that works in a quietly confident way.

Melodic riffs return, along with a chorus of voices, for the stand-out that is Perfect Timing. Those unique qualities shine brightly, the keys riff appearing far more notably within the mix than the beat, the paired vocals adding an almost Americana-inspired edge to the song. Again, personality reigns, and this, combined with effective story-telling and structuring, helps allow the track to really leave its mark.

Its a Zoovie intrigues with its title and delicacy combined. An emotional vibe emerges, a lighter melody but a passionate vocal-line with even more of those captivating lyrics. The voice sometimes takes center stage for its tone and raspy traits, but at the same time – Taz Forte makes certain to build stories that are equally attention grabbing. You listen to the progression, the changes in pace and melody, the details of the tale, because it appears with a certain freshness. Another highlight. That balance between the nostalgic, comforting sound and style of hip hop, and the more uncommon, unique writing and performance style, works brilliantly throughout this EP.

Weight and darkness take over once again, contrasting well with the former melody, as Mf Options reverts to the bass-heavy sound of late-night hip hop – complete with its hypnotic vocal rhythm and the more striking style of beat. Well-placed for the greatest effect at this penultimate moment. You get a strong level of versatility from TazForte.

IMA GAR finishes things up by essentially blending a touch of everything we’ve experienced beforehand. Low and high vocals unite to work both against and with one another. The beat feels heavy, the concept intense, yet there’s plenty of melody and changes in flow to keep things moving. A classic hip hop track by all accounts, motivational again and focused on the work, the money. A good way to go out, and all the more engaging thanks to the tracks that preceded it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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