Taymarion - Pull Up - Stereo Stickman

Taymarion Pull Up


Offering a refreshingly soulful and smooth take on contemporary RnB, Taymarion delivers a catchy slice of soulful pop – with a heavy rhythm and overall style that keep a strong sense of identity at the forefront.

Produced by VSHY and featuring a series of crisp, captivating visuals, the new single tips its hat back to the music of a simpler era. Taymarion leads with breathy, seductive RnB vocals, and backs this up with mellow instrumental vibes and some smooth dance moves to further relight the style of the genre from way back when.

Focused on intimacy, Pull Up meanders through its lifespan with a likable warmth, always resolving to that infectious hook with a little more energy, passion and embrace – leaving its tune and sentiments lingering after listening.

Vocally impressive, with an image and overall intention that feel unique right about now, Taymarion paves his own way and raises the bar effectively with this release.

Download via Apple. Check out Taymarion on Twitter & IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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