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Taylor Sackson Liz


Introducing a heartbreakingly reflective and sublimely crafted indie single – artist and songwriter Taylor Sackson presents the ache of loss and the weight of memory, backed by stunning vocals, striking poetry, and a full-band arrangement, for Liz.

Instantly appealing for its simple yet effective short lines, Liz follows a timeless country and pop-rock set-up through a mellow realm of contemplation.

From the moment our protagonist sings the first lines, there’s a connection bridged between creative and listener, one that tips its hat to the profoundly thoughtful artistry of a simpler era; only with a brilliant twist of contemporary wonder.

“Some things are better, Some things are not ,

The whole world’s on fire, But I found a cool spot.”

Increasingly impressive, from delicate beginnings through a powerhouse switch for the build and build of the hook, Liz provides a sensational anthem of soulful depth and presence. All at once unreservedly personal and vastly accessible for its concise presentation of the pain of missing someone.

A fantastic artist, refreshingly original in framing these deeply human feelings and observations. An old soul with a gentle to mighty vocal versatility and a warmth of approach that instantly embraces listeners.

Far from her first release, Taylor Sackon’s Liz hits the scene following extensive appearances in Phoenix and L.A, plus a series of original singles. A growing repertoire well and truly worth investing in for fans of authentic, from the heart, poetic and powerful songwriting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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