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Tattie Orange Space


Ethereal production allows for a multi-layered yet dreamy embrace, as Tattie guides us hypnotically into the intriguing eight-track project Orange Space.

Mistakes is the opener, feeling like a fine fusion of contemporary emo-pop, electro and hip hop, but ultimately showcasing a uniquely-toned vocal lead and deeply revealing, honest and endearing lyrics.

Melody paves the way alongside a heavy bassline and lighter top layer of synth, carving out a style that proves true to the Tattie sound as each new song emerges.

The voice is unmistakable – the mood changes, the energy picks up, for tracks like Drifter, but that voice remains a constant. Here we get a creative redirection that impresses. Tattie highlights a breadth of influence, and a generally vast passion for music in all of its forms. Whatever the story, the lyrics and music work hard to encapsulate it, and the result is a brilliantly versatile playlist.

Nostalgic RnB flavors hit for Hard To Loose, seductive and again stylishly produced, before the heartfelt openness and soulful vocal peaks of No One Like You reach out with gratitude and longing. As ever, the voice keeps that identity pure, and the music offers plenty in the way of eclecticism to hold attention.

Consider the sudden reggae groove of Fighting For Better, a notable highlight for the good vibes and inspiring intentions – as well as that catchy yet long-form verse melody; almost rap-like as it progresses. Then in contrast, Home brings things back to the dreamy and immersive – an echo-chamber of contemplation and real-time fragments of scenes and events that grip and even prompt you to re-listen as soon as the music ends.

Defiantly a provocative piece, Home utilises fascinating production that allows these sound-bites to really pierce through and connect amidst the looping fragments of voice found elsewhere. Another highlight, gentle yet powerful.

To wrap things up, Grave In Me turns towards ska and ship hop in equal parts, but tops this off with an exotic, world-music-infused hook melody, for one last blast of versatility and creative freedom.

Tattie’s style is uninhibited, free from the confines of genre and fearlessly devoted to both telling stories of worth, and promising vibes that engage with and elevate the listener to greater plains. An interesting and refreshingly unpredictable album, always professional yet artistically unique in the same instance.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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