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Tate Pouncey plenty many man


Experimental electronic sound-play rains down with darkness and intrigue, as the unique performer and artist Tate Pouncey introduces a distinct style, with plenty many man.

Ethereal and vast, intense and uncertain in both set-up and vocal delivery, the track on the one hand feels like a cinematic soundscape leaning towards dark rap, and on the other welcomes a committed vocal depicting character and outright freedom on the mic.

It’s an unusual yet thoughtful arrangement, and proves indicative of a quality recognizable throughout Tate Pouncey’s entirely DIY repertoire.

Consider suebi proportions tate margiela, suddenly melodic and tribal but still produced with those lashings of reverb, space and unpredictable vocal outbursts and flows.

There’s familiarity to the presentation here, a little alternative hip hop with a twist of creative sound-design akin to the likes of MIA, Kanye and Bowie.

This kind of artistic expression is a central strength of Tate Pouncey’s work, something made clear across all releases, artwork and associated images, making his catalog ideal for those seeking out a left field alternative to modern music; something of depth, purpose and originality.

For mouth : glutton we delve into the static of electronic sound, with distant ideas presented vocally before a heavier progression of rhythm and bass backs up a personal outpouring that’s provocative, quirky and contemplative.

Then with 2022’s single wrath. its nephilim we get more of that creative audio exploration, and paired vocals that bring out a whole new flow and pace that’s captivating in this minimalist yet striking realm. A definite highlight from the collection.

envy are gossip is heavier, more lyrically dense and somewhat hypnotic for its reverberating layers of voice and the playful, enchanting overall depiction of topic.

More recently, Situationship : Greed takes its time to build, portraying a clear story-line and personal reflections that seem both poetic and boldly honest. The voice is cleanly mixed initially, the rhythm and bass in keeping with modern rap, but the general presentation forever in tune with the Tate Pouncey style.

Emerging from the same small suburban town as Lil Naz X, Tate Pouncey continues to push forwards as part of the next-gen left field artistry of Atlanta. Blending aspects of Jpegmafia and Travis Scott, Pouncey’s eclectic approach takes on the mundanity of the mainstream, whilst maintaining respectful roots amidst the history of Hip Hop and Art Pop.

With new music releasing at frequent interludes, there’s plenty to tune in for if you’ve outgrown the repetition of the bigger scene. Balancing simple fun and conceptual weight to unorthodox and original levels, Tate Pouncey’s music may take you by surprise at first, but will ultimately connect for its ode to the true sound, musings and identity of the artist.

Find Tate Pouncey on Bandcamp, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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