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Taoma Moon Old Town Road Cover (Lil’ Nas X)


Taoma Moon has taken on a classic hit with this latest single and video release, presenting simple artistry in the form of beautifully shot, joyful visuals, and a crisp, clean, and musically impressive recording.

Honestly just putting dogs in your video is an easy win for me, fortunately Taoma Moon goes onto engage and impress in every other way too. Old Town Road has become a fairly infamous, instantly recognisable song in recent months, it works on the strength of its own rhythm and melody. To give a cover something a little extra though, it needs to be approached with a differing level of identity or alternative artistry – as per the artist taking it on. Taoma Moon does exactly this, leading with a simple, calming backdrop, and a flawless vocal, the two-minute beauty that is this cover rides tall on the brightness of its own soulful melodic delivery and the detail and structure of the soundscape.

Being free from the rap verse, the song takes on a slightly more trip-hop-like vibe – alongside of that natural country flair the melody and lyrics can’t help but introduce. Taoma Moon honors the song in a brilliantly effective way, and introduces his own sense of individuality and musical ability at the very same time. A likable alternative to the original. Hopefully there’s plenty more music in the pipeline.

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Rebecca Cullen

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