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TaniA Kyllikki In These Eyes (Feat. Rynellton)


Fusing world-music flavours, retro electronic rhythms and extensive vocal threads of melody and lyrical depth, UK songwriter and artist TaniA Kyllikki delivers a boldly unique overall style, with the evocative and exotic single In These Eyes.

The latest release from the upcoming album Free-Spirited, In These Eyes brings together enchanting melodic progressions with poetic reflections on the self and the world around.

Inspiring sentiments and revelations unite amidst a soundscape that employs equal parts RnB tones and Eastern traits across a near four-minute performance that’s as versatile as it is impassioned.

Featuring a brief rap segment for further dynamic, In These Eyes showcases the emotive connection and meandering vocal ability of TaniA Kyllikki in a manner that’s easily recognizable.

It’s a fearlessly new sound – no doubt the upcoming album will reinforce that eclecticism and freedom of expression all the more so.

Find TaniA Kyllikki here or via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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