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Tan-Quan Giang Ordinary Girl (Feat Lisa H)


Tan-Quan Giang (Tank1) presents audiences with a gorgeously organic yet dreamy soundscape and song on his latest release Ordinary Girl. Driven by the smooth and skillful vocals of both the songwriter himself and featured artist Lisa H, the song gradually develops into an indie-ballad anthem of sorts, not dissimilar to the likes of Elbow on occasion, though this is perhaps the sound of the hook – the male vocal part – which contrasts beautifully with that of the verses.

The recording style here has a fairly raw and slightly distant vibe to it, which works really well in enhancing that dreamlike quality of the music. The voices play off of one another effectively, each completely unique and characterful, but each relevantly soaked in equal parts passion and reverb. The song feels much more like a duet than a simple feature, both parts add so much to the emotion and story telling. Every time you listen you’re likely to notice and appreciate something new.

From a songwriting perspective, the progression of the melody here is stunning. The opening verse begins in a summer-trance sort of manner, in my opinion, developing once into a softer, alt-folk mood, developing once more into that higher, passionate lead up to the second vocalist’s role. And here something completely new appears within the mix.

Tan-Quan Giang has effectively and masterfully utilised structuring to craft and compose a song that continuously increases in energy and vibrancy and depth. The musical ambiance seems to surround you more and more as the lyrics and melodies pull you in. The imagery and concept are so simple, so relatable, yet this feels like a brand new scene – an alternate ending to your favourite film perhaps. It’s a truly beautiful song and a pleasure to listen to. I look forward to hearing more from both artists involved.

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