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Tamara Grace Autumn Tears


Openly vulnerable in a pure and powerful manner, Canadian songwriter and musician Tamara Grace delivers a fiercely delicate performance, while poetically detailing the intricacies of a dead-end relationship.

Reflecting on times past, Autumn Tears sees Grace dig deep into the trauma of yesteryear – the excuses for staying with someone so wrong for you, and the surrounding difficulties that acted as reasons to fear being alone.

Beautifully crafted, composed as a folk-pop arrangement with the subtle introduction of strings, rhythms and further vocal layers as the song and the emotion evolve, Autumn Tears makes use of relatable, clear and concise verses, to pave the way towards the poetry and memorable imagery of that title and hook concept.

As for the melody, while the overall presentation and structure has pop-style familiarity and comfort, there’s nothing melodically that strikes as overly recognisable or comparable. The hook in particular feels authentically new – an artist devoted to the passionate exploration of this topic, these memories, and this moment.

The whole thing proves an artistic and refreshing look at the pain of separation and the necessary ache of self-reflection as we strive for better and brighter tomorrows.

Really nicely done, genuine and skilful, not contrived methodically but from the heart. Tamara Grace brings together a sort of Nora Jones vocal personality with the folk-pop embrace of a bigger-band feel, but it’s all very modest, humble, and true to her own artistic identity.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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