You can hear Emi Jeen’s connection to the lyrics, you can feel the energy with which she addresses the details; this grows and grows, right the way through to the final moments of the final verse – and then you get the calming drop to the hook once again, bringing you back down to earth.


BICHAI is self-described as an electronic lounge artist, which might imply that a listening experience is an indoor one. But if you close your eyes and listen, the scope of the vision and the depth of the sonic choice makes it a far wider one.


The title of the track attempts to prepare you for this theme, but it’s only when you really delve into the track a few times that it all comes together. A genuinely original approach to hip hop.


A catchy melody, a rhythm & bounce that will most probably win over a number of audiences who revel in the boldness & colour of modern pop music.