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Tali Leda Standstill


Featuring a sensational performance from dancers Charity and Andres, Tali Leda’s new single and video Standstill takes the piano ballad format and leads it subtly and stylishly into the realm of classic EDM.

An unexpected and increasingly impressive progression, a journey that suits the nature of the song beautifully, and which showcases Tali’s abilities and direction as a songwriter and musician in a powerful way.

The pressures of life come into question, Tali adopting a poetic way with expressing the weight of the world, of illness and personal struggle, and the state of being left frozen amidst it all. In stark contrast, the visual performance between the two dancers captivates for its consistent scenes of movement and unity – far from the isolation and stillness declared in the song.

Production-wise there’s a fine finish to this single, noticeable primarily for how effective that rise up is from almost acoustic beginnings to something far more full-throttle and multi-layered later on. In the same instance, Tali’s voice manages to smoothly progress from quiet intimacy to subtle weight and energy – again beautifully united with the changing stages of the story-line.

Absolutely as described, a fighter till the end, Tali Leda has crafted a fully artistic expression of personal hardship, and all the while presented music fans with a classic pop hit that’s easily immersive and memorable in a subtle, likable way. Brilliant, a personal favourite so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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