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Tali Leda Lovers Entwined


Tali Leda’s latest single Lovers Entwined presents listeners with an appreciable level of nostalgia from a modern alternative pop angle. The song begins with a simple, organic folk set up – a fairly characterful, memorable riff accompanies an acoustic guitar, and with this comes Tali’s leading voice and melody line; the heart of the song, the moment the whole thing really starts to connect in a lasting way.

Lovers Entwined has the strength of a classic 90’s pop song and even a slight edge reminiscent of 80’s rock ballads. The way it’s been written has that classic, unforgettable feel – the verses lead colorfully towards the hook, the hook hits with uplifting optimism, those softer moments in between bring poetry and opposing, conflicting ideas.

Everything has been flawlessly included in the mix so as to draw as many listeners in as possible. Those ups and downs, the changing mood and moments – it all works in favour of the song’s underlying sentiment. Love is far from a smooth ride and this song encapsulates those highs and lows in an honest and comforting way.

You don’t get this sort of big-band pop song coming through all too often these days. In this case, everything is musically on point, particularly Tali Leda’s vocal performance – beautifully suited to the vibrancy and gentle passion of the song. What makes it leave an even greater mark though is the openness – the reality of the lyricism, the genuine sound of that delivery. It feels like a song from the heart, an expression admitting the potential and likely struggles but being whole-heartedly willing to go for it regardless – I’m ready to take this journey with you. It’s an inspiring and easy to embrace pop song that’s quickly recognisable after only a couple of listens.

Tali Leda is driving with creativity and passion right now, her music showcases this in every respect. On top of the power of this song, of this recording, her live performances are absolutely stunning – as shown below. Her voice is striking in a totally natural way and carries each melody through with undeniable emotion. An artist worth looking out for.

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