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Taite Here We Go


Classic hip hop production pairs the nostalgic crackle of vintage piano with trap rhythms and cleanly-mixed vocals, as rapper and artist Taite stands tall on the strength of his naturally motivational anthem Here We Go.

Following on from multiple album, EP and single releases since his emergence back in 2013, Here We Go has seen Taite further his presence within the scene, amassing over 154,000 streams in its first week alone, and currently standing just short of one million.

The song follows a simple yet emotive soundscape, setting the mood for the mind to wander, and meanwhile Taite delivers an unmistakable vocal style and series of bars devoted to quiet confidence and character, as he builds up a clear sense of identity and drive.

Determination is key, and it shines in both the lyrics and overall subtle yet striking vibe of the track. Tipping its hat to the rap legends of a simpler time, yet weaving in that heavy bass, raspy voice and trap movement, Here We Go works its magic as an uplifting ear-worm and simultaneous story-teller; one that will easily keep rap fans coming back for more.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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