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TAHLS In Circles And Tangents


Live drums and dreamy synths unite for ambient surroundings, as a gentle indie-pop vocal guides us through poetic, contemplative scenes and ideas…

The TAHLS sound is expressive, warm and delicate, familiar yet not – connecting for its recognisable strengths and intriguing for everything that comes with it.

In Circles And Tangents marks a fine introduction, and showcases a unique fusion of genres amidst an ultimately soul-rock soaked arrangement that’s increasingly uplifting.

Vocally there’s a sense of clear identity to the sound, this almost whispered yet still passionate delivery manages to gradually raise the emotion throughout, whilst keeping things mellow enough to provide an addictive vibe when needed. That quality allows the music to enchant the listener, luring them in with comforting building blocks, then prompting the mind to swiftly wander to deeper realms.

Elsewhere, TAHLS holds close to these traits of identity, but also switches things up creatively from one track to the next.

Punch is a fine example, a shuffle and clap rhythm and plenty of indie-pop colour, that unmistakable voice, and a catchy mainstream build-up for the chorus – a satisfying anthem-like evolution that really keeps you coming back. Once more, the sound rises and rises, the electric guitar bringing the soul, the vocals freely meandering for an immersive latter half; almost freestyle to a point, creating interest in the live show.

For Island, the territory makes sense now – TAHLS has a style, and it’s likeable for both its threads and its unpredictability. Softer rhythms, stops and starts, ethereal bass and notes supporting the dreamy sentiments and images. Then comes the build, we’re drawn in by delicacy and held captive by bolder beauty.

Creative rhythmic choices run throughout the TAHLS repertoire. Break Apart stands tall for this, a crisp drum-line contrasting distant keys and breathy vocals; a certain bass-thick depth overall creating a provocative yet intimate space. Lyrically we’re enthralled because each line feels authentically new, and interesting for it; another characteristic of the artist.

Long Distance Love operates with a similar use of juxtaposed layers, ultimately uniting as they surround the listener with this live sounding, real-time exploration of longing and loyalty. From the same EP one., Take Me veers more notably into romance in everything from lyricism to the sultry groove and seductive vocal rise and fall.

Not quite shoegaze or surf rock or trip hop but something organic and electro-kissed all the same, freely wandering along the lines between them all. TAHLS is its own thing, and there’s always value and appeal in that, particularly when it comes to building a lasting fanbase. The songwriting has worth, honesty, freshness, and all of this works its magic with ease thanks to strong musicianship and easily moving performances.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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