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Tague Wilkins And So She Goes


Unplugged folk warmth from a handful of stringed instruments leads us into the vocal quickness and character of Tague Wilkins – a songwriting storyteller with a unique tone of voice.

And So She Goes is the latest single, a traditional folk melody with literal scenes in the verses relaying a story that fuses with the music to quickly take listeners to the heart of the action.

Meanwhile the music rolls on, we resolve to a smoother, softer hook moment – an instance of calm and a chance to reflect upon all that came to be. The lyrics pour through at such a pace that there’s plenty to miss the first time around, but this familiar resounding chorus of And So She Goes, along with the subsequent string solo, helps hold things together – whilst gifting the listener a moment to feel purely elevated on the beauty of the music, and to consider the ideas and feelings presented by it.

In short, And So She Goes is an increasingly likable song, which feels in many ways like a versatile classic with the potential to be remixed and reshaped in any number of styles. Having said that, this fairly raw, organic arrangement and performance injects the right kind of authenticity in terms of the story at hand. The singer clearly connects with the subject matter, and while the verses offer a distinctly recognisable sense of identity, the final third and this chorus of vocal warmth and calm feels more accessible and all-inclusive, which again results in an effective sense of balance within the track.

Tague Wilkins drives with an unmistakable style, entering a timeless realm of folk with just enough character and flair to really stand out. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to follow.

Download or stream And So She Goes via Apple or Amazon. Find Tague Wilkins on Facebook.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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