Tae & The Wave - 2002 - Stereo Stickman

Tae & The Wave 2002


A sunshine confection that makes you want to select an appropriate Hawaiian shirt, hire a convertible and cruise along, top down, with this on repeat. Your insides will smile.

The arrangement has been loved – it’s rich and meticulous, with careful layering of instruments and a slick-as-you-like vocal arrangement. Tinkling piano (that develops to be teamed up with syncopated synth) and airy, plucked acoustic guitar sit gently amongst deep, warm bass, whooshing pads of perfectly-judged white noise and jangly guitars – all lending a sweet, nostalgic and summery feel to all things ‘two thousand two’.

The lead vocalist’s stylings are reminiscent of a cross between Connecticut’s Bronze Radio Return and James Blunt, making it an elastic, warming listen. The sweet lead vocal locks in tight to the backing harmony voices – which are used smartly to enhance the melody, building the narrative towards each hooky chorus. This ensures a gratifying listening experience to the arrangement that’s not dissimilar to the lushness of a Beach Boys vocal arrangement – except more subtle and contemporary.

The toe-tapping beat and tempo is marked out with finger snaps and a four-on-the-foor kick drum. And then, about two-thirds of the way through, we get an unashamedly laid back guitar solo that’s been beautifully produced (just like the rest of the track).

All in all, it’s audio honey; a summer soundtrack to lose yourself in and very definitely worthy of your listen.

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Chris Porter


As well as writing about music, Chris Porter is a songwriter, singer, producer & vocal coach. He has written for all manner of international artists, including Dagny, Dzeko, and hit the No.1 spot with Thailand’s Singto Numchok. His music has had thousands of placements on film, TV & radio all around the globe.

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