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T3MPO TAI Too Much


Introducing a fresh take on contemporary hip hop, rapper and artist T3MPO TAI connects and impresses, with the catchy and deeply reflective single Too Much.

From the outset this one feels both nostalgic and new. The hook is rhythmically catchy, the music engaging for its vastness between the gentle keys melody and the intense bass and trap beat. The verses further this appeal, taking that vocal clarity and character to a whole other level, ramping up the pace and grit for an impressive set of short-lined bars.

The result of all this is a sound effectively blending contemporary musical design with classic rap versatility, cleanly-mixed for that true connection, and with a fine array of influences in tone and delivery and topic.

T3MPO TAI’s versatility is undeniable, and he achieves this without sacrificing the general integrity of the track – far from it. Too Much is an easy anthem, beautifully produced and passionately performed, with a unique balance between simplicity and complexity in terms of the lyrical development and the overall laid-back yet inspiring vibe.

It’s an interesting style, bringing back the timeless weight and intensity of heartfelt hip hop and utilising natural talent in the process, whilst incorporating a clearly creative way with making music and beats that feel genuinely original. Hopefully there’s plenty more to follow.

Single out February 24th – Download or stream it here. Check out T3MPO TAI on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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