T. Ka$h - Glass House - Stereo Stickman

T. Ka$h Glass House


Stylish long-form bass-work refreshes amidst a minimal yet haunting soundscape – T. Ka$h takes things back to the bare essentials with a creatively striking Glass House.

Musically loaded with identity from the outset, Glass House proves more and more unique with every bar and moment that pours through.

The production is top notch, nostalgic yet fresh, haunting and quirky – packed with details but a strong groove underneath this to keep the classic hip hop fan spellbound.

The vocal line is particularly retro in its clarity and weight, even some of the references, but ultimately T. Ka$h impresses with realness and originality in the way the track evolves and falls into its own sense of purpose.

Conceptually intriguing, poetic and powerful in confidence and artistry, Glass House promises a true nineties flavour with a boldly awakening edge of tomorrow. With each new verse, and indeed each revisit, T. Ka$h raises the bar all the more so. Well worth hearing.

Check out T. Ka$h on Instagram or visit his Website or Podcast.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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