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T Capo Londono Lietuvis 2


Soulful intentions and delicacy of presentation emerge beautifully, as the organic and long-form melodic embrace of Back 2 Me introduces the uniquely tuneful, heartfelt and immersive project Londono Lietuvis 2, from rapper and artist T Capo.

Classic RnB warmth hits from emotive vocals and piano keys, before the drop into a seductive groove as T Capo guides us with immediately honest, endearing and deeply human lyrics.

Vocally unmistakable but also humble in delivering that strength, T Capo unites character of tone with intention of topic and creativity of production. The result is a genuine and enthralling album, loaded with stories of struggle and devotion and overcoming.

Friends and Foes comes afterwards and another strong groove and fragments of soul back up a slightly more intensely emotive vocal outpouring. T Capo then proceeds to tighten his grip and reinforce his connection with the audience. Weave in a catchy and hypnotic hook, and the track is an easy winner of an anthem for awareness and self-trust.

Hints of gospel, RnB and soul appear consistently throughout the rises and falls of Londono Lietuvis 2. T Capo’s story is captivating, but with the musicality and warmth surrounding it, the brilliance of much of the songwriting, the truthful edge is elevated all the more so.

Familiarity and freshness join forces – the mellow intimacy and longing of For You, the heavier vibe, pace and grit of Zero Gravity, the infectious rhythm and poetic imagery of Midnight In London (a personal favourite) – T Capo manages to appear as both the fascinating scene-setter and the talented musician with the chops and vision combined to continuously draw listeners in.

With tracks like 9 To My Brain any minds lost to the enjoyable sound-design return to centre stage for another compelling story. A similar effect hits with the darker and more confidently outspoken Champ.

Then to finish things up, T Capo takes us back to the bare essentials of rap, riding the RnB layers of the album’s identity with a passionate and powerful Daugai Freestyle. The skill shines brightly, and still the arrangement and flow enchant and engage with the listener. It’s music to escape into, to feel understood by, and indeed to obsess over if you’re a true fan of the combined heart and turmoil of original hip hop.

An inspiring listen, nostalgic in its organic building blocks and clarity but also refreshing in everything from structure to the subtle twists and nuances that make up the details of each track.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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