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SYS Guap Faded Days


Fresh from the project It Was Written, Vol. 1, Faded Days makes for a strong introduction to the melodic and thoughtful writing and mellow yet emotive performance style of artist and rapper SYS Guap.

Leading with a surprisingly colorful, dreamlike soundscape, the song pours through with a certain mainstream softness that effectively allows it to blend in with a number of different genres. The opening vocal moments feed into this even further, the softness of tone and the melody adding an addictive, infectious element that’s likely to prove memorable in the long run.

As the track finds its groove though, the rap verse brings in a level of energy and intensity that ultimately lights up the hip hop aspect of the release, and allows SYS Guap to really delve into his story.

The lyrics on the track are as refreshing as the beat, the entire set-up showcasing a notably open and honest perspective, with enough personal detail to feel new, yet also enough of those more familiar references to appeal and connect with a broader audience.

Throughout the mix, SYS Guap switches up his flow more than a few times. The whole thing is a subtle yet impressive performance, and the song is easy to vibe to, passionately put together yet mellow and softly inspiring, motivational, by nature. An inviting release that will likely draw contemporary hip hop fans in for the full playlist.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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