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Never before has the state of our world, the future of our planet and our very existence upon it, been under such pressure or at such openly great risk of destruction than it is right now. Our shared knowledge and understanding of our own impact upon the environment is at an all-time high, and still it seems like not enough is being done to combat the catastrophic circumstances awaiting us. Understanding is a big part of progress though, and whether it’s through the media or music or art or science – whatever means we have of communicating and sharing our knowledge and our awareness, so long as it starts the conversation – it’s essential.

The artist Syne has written and released a single and accompanying video designed to do exactly this – start the conversation; or at the very least, inspire continued consideration of it. Midas is a beautiful song, gentle in nature but melodically entrancing enough to let certain ideas really linger with you after listening. The song doesn’t appear to represent doom and gloom, it doesn’t leave you with feelings of helplessness or fear – on the contrary, it offers you a sense of optimism and calm; the perfect arena in which to consider these topics and the changes we need to be making.

Released in honor of 2019’s Earth Day, Midas is a beautiful ode to a planet that holds so much wonder and magic. At the same time, it’s a mildly chaotic walk through a history of greed and pain – these conflicting concepts are represented cleverly, through lyrics and musical unpredictability alike. The soundscape feels partly hopeful, partly unsettling – skillful production lets these qualities rightfully walk hand in hand.

As things progress, a more organic ambiance emerges, simple melodies and short lines – fragments of feelings and thoughts – all of which showcases a rising level of brightness as the singer compels his audience to let go of these desires for gold and money and trivial material items. The contrast between the verses and the hook is powerful, the switch in melody and rhythm, in mood, is a huge part of what makes this song hit with impact. The whole thing presents an addictive series of moments, and a lyrical backbone that really provokes thought on a whole other level.

Stunning vocal work delivers this song in the perfect way. Reminiscent of the likes of Gotye, the song is impressively creative, artistic and deeply intentional – rare qualities that combine to leave the listener really knowing they’ve experienced something worthwhile. Midas is a simple but stunning song, uniquely expressive and structured in a brilliantly interesting and relevant way – the release holds tight to your attention right the way through. An important joy to stumble upon, perfectly applicable for all of us at present – a bold and wonderful reminder to stay focused on the important things in life.

Earth. From the beginning of our existence, she has been there for us, providing for us sustenance and shelter, energy and life. We take from her, but we don’t give back. We see the signs that she is growing tired, that she cannot keep on giving us so much for much longer, but we do not change. Throughout history, civilizations have fallen because of greed, but we do not learn. We are trapped in a cycle of greed and complacency, and, if we are not careful, we may end up destroying our home, and we may not get another chance to rebuild it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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