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Colourful and retro production sets a disco-kissed realm that’s merely a small introduction to an artist fiercely unconfined by genre or expectation. sykii lights up the uniquely melodic and vocally distinct project Blaze with unrivalled eclecticism and freedom of expression.

We begin with Ignite, dreamy synths and keys intertwined across a classic rhythm, paving the way for a completely unexpected and passionate but laid-back sense of identity from the vocal. There’s a strong sense of poetic romance to the track, and the groove continues to ride smoothly alongside this. sykii has a style undeterred by influence or genre, and Blaze draws focus to that consistently.

Immediately we’re redirected as the grunge-like weight and bass of Rounding with Blue kicks into gear. The voice remains a clever thread of unmistakable character, but here we’re in a quirky and darker indie rock realm that seems to connect with more poignancy and power. The voice and this cascading, again quite brilliant arrangement work perfectly in unison, building up another unmistakable song that’s both satisfyingly structured and seemingly freestyle. Possibly a favourite from the Blaze EP.

For Bounce, we’re in a new space once more – a Hip Hop vibe and matching vocals capture attention, but even in this fresh performance style and this faster pace, the nuances, tone and accent of sykii is defiantly recognisable.

Indie rock and grunge return for the closing track – a familiar title but not the song you’ll be expecting. Don’t Look Back In Anger storms throughout with distorted guitars and impassioned, confident but quiet vocals, delivering long-form melodies and a sound that effectively leans towards the alternative rock bands of the nineties and early 2000s; think the Pixies, Ash, Garbage – the meandering verses and the softness of tone that paved the way for a whole new generation of rock.

sykii impresses with this EP. The opener is interesting in itself, but does not pay tribute to the versatility and creative freedom found throughout these four tracks. Blaze naturally draws you to listen again and again, and as you do, the lyrics and ideas seem to reach out with a little more intrigue.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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