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Syke E They Used to Call me Torch (Prod. Bleach)


The great thing about Syke E’s sound is that even with only a couple of tracks on our radar, his name and his sound is immediately recognisable. Just reading the lyrics selected over on the Shang Tsung review reminded me of the melody and of the tone and character of his voice. Never being one to disappoint, this latest release is every bit as unique and interesting as before – perhaps even more so.

They Used To Call Me Torch is a track that draws your intrigue from its title alone. Knowing the deeply thoughtful and reflective nature of Syke E’s writing, there was a high chance this would be a song that never lets go of your attention – and that’s precisely what happens within. In contrast with many of the more recent online hits that offer a similar trait, Syke E’s track does it in a beautifully ambient, calming way. Bleach’s beat works perfectly alongside of the rapper’s vocal delivery, so you’re entranced from the offset, and as the rhythm and the ideas pour through – the whole thing becomes more and more hypnotic.

Conceptually and indeed lyrically this is easily one of the most fascinating and easy to escape into songs of the summer. There’s something like a subtle level of skill about the music. The ambiance is so chilled out, yet Syke E’s delivery is quick and unwavering – his flow is relentless, barely pausing to breathe; yet when he does, you do too. His control of the track and the moment is everything.

The sheer volume of lyricism means that a single listen is far from enough, but it’s easily worth listening more than once – your mind catches the words more effectively, the picture is painted more clearly, and you feel a little as if you’re lifting off with the rising energy of the performance. And still that blissfully delicate guitar riff plays out behind all of this. Well worth a listen if you’re looking for something a little bit different, considerate but still easy to vibe to.

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