Swift D - High School - Stereo Stickman

Swift D High School


Introducing a quickly impressive, colourful beat and backdrop, Swift D’s High School goes on to bring in a laid-back yet well-paced vocal lead that tells a story in a clearly contemporary, modern-day-inspired yet carefree way.

The vocal is placed surprisingly low within the mix, particularly considering how creatively rhythmic the hook is – and how detailed the bars. However, this adds an air of humility to the whole thing – almost like a home-made feel. The music is so ambiently colourful and calm sounding, that it suits to have the voice weave its way through this in an equally smooth and subtle fashion.

The fast-pace of the verse takes nothing away from the underlying delicacy and dreamlike vibe of the music, and that helps make for a refreshing alternative to much of the modern scene. That hook resolves brilliantly from the verse, too – driving as a defiantly recognisable aspect of the track, hopefully giving the release a timeless and memorable aura.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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